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Offering help at earliest stageWe know starting something can be scary and lonely. Entrepreneurs need solid feedback, even at the idea stage. We created this site to engage with you along your journey and to offer help along the way!
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What People Are Saying
“I’m extremely impressed with the accuracy of your tool’s response. Seems like a really powerful tool!”“This is probably the best thing I have come across all year, thank you!”“I just typed in my business model… surprisingly accurate response back!”“This thing is really uncanny. I threw some wild shit at it and the outputs were really good. Wild stuff.”“Honestly, I love it ! Gonna use it a lot.”“Damn I’m impressed with this tool.”“I am impressed as hell, cause it gave proper and correct feedback just like any expert or investor will give. The tool is awesome.”“I love the idea behind this. Validating your ideas is so important and can save so much wasted time.”“This is surprisingly legit.”“Wow, I was expecting general feedback but the feedback I got was detailed and helpful.👍 Also highlighted some blindspots in my business plan!”“It actually gave me information regarding what I have been dealing with with my customers.”“Is this for real? scary!!! i tested a random idea "search music from lyrics" and... wow 😲 guys, must check it out!”“Great product! I will use it for my future projects.”“Love the AI consultant :) few bang on AI outputs.”“Whoaaa this is actually really cool. I put in a business idea I've thought about for a while, and it immediately brought up the two reasons I haven't pursued it and made me think of a third! This is really cool! Bookmarking this for every new idea I get.”“One of the coolest things I've seen in a while! Craziest thing is that the responses seem to have understanding of the business context... how does that work?”“Guess I'm going to be brainstorming with AI now, great problem to solve!”“Crazy good. I just tried your tool on a very niche idea specific to my knowledge on data platforms and the advice was spot on 100%.”

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I don’t even have an idea. But I want to start something. Help!?

You’re here because it seems everyone has cool ideas and are pursuing interesting things. But, you don’t even have an idea.Do you feel lost? Let me help, quickly. First, the best thing you can do is get involved in a market. ANY market.What do you spend your free time on? What type of content do

When Starting, Look For Early Signals

4 years ago, I was pursuing an idea with the backing and help of a successful venture capitalist. Our idea was to create NFTs for entertainers, which would enable them to connect with (and reward) their fans in unique ways. This idea isn’t revolutionary today, but 4 years ago, it was well ahead of the … When Starting, Look For Early Signals Read

I Have My Idea. Now What?

Hopefully we’ve helped you think through your idea a little. Our AI possibly has given you feedback about market opportunity, legal issues and potential customers. You’re all set and ready to begin. Right? Now what? First, you need to make sure your intuition is correct. AI is helpful, but AI doesn’t know your potential customers … I Have My Idea. Now What?

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Quick Startup Advice

About Funding

Remember, when exploring a new idea, don’t count on investor money for help. Learn to bootstrap and launch your project on a budget. Be sure to get a lot of feedback from potential customers and you might be able to get buyer interest before building anything.

About Getting Started

Remember, nothing is more valuable than early conversations with potential customers. Find out where they hang out and engage with them. Ask them their biggest problems that need to be solved and start a discussion of how you plan to help!

About Motivation

Remember, askinging yourself WHY is very helpful. WHY do you want to start this? What is your reason behind undertaking this project? WHY does this problem need to be solved? WHY hasn’t anyone solved this problem yet? Best of luck!

About Early Signals

Remember, early on, you should be receiving positive early signals from the market you are looking to improve. Potential customers should be excited about what you are working on. If you can’t find a small group that is excited about your solution (at this early stage) you might not be solving a big enough problem – or you might not be solving their problem correctly.

About a Pitch Deck

Remember, you don’t need a pitch deck right now. Your time is best spent talking with potential customers and discovering what their problems are. Informal talks on forums, social media, reddit and in person are all that’s needed while you are in the idea stage. Don’t waste time and money on a pitch deck. Just be yourself and start talking with people. Good luck!!

About Being Technical

Remember, if you have an idea and you are NOT technical, that’s ok. It’s super early in the startup process and you don’t need tech help right now. There’s nothing wrong with talking to tech friends about your ideas, but you don’t need an elaborate website or app right now. The most important thing you can do right now is to make sure you’re solving a problem that people would pay for. Good luck!

Hi, I’m Aron Meystedt.

I’ve been in the business of startups, alt assets and domain names for 20 years. I live in Southern California and have built a solid network here of entrepreneurs and investors. I am an active angel investor and I am a member of the Tech Coast Angels investor group in Orange County, CA. I am always proving out ideas and I know other people like me are out there that need feedback. I’m not the be-all-end-all of startups, but I’m here – and I want to help.

I know what it’s like to have absolutely no clue what you want to do with your life. We created Validator AI to help people at the earliest stage… the initial concept. My motive with this site isn’t to make money. Rather, I’d love to provide a service that helps new entrepreneurs get rolling. Feedback, at the early stage, is vitally important. Even if it comes from AI.

I hope to provide personal touches to this site through advice, articles, videos and 1 on 1 connections.

Fun fact:
Somewhere along the way in my entrepreneurial journey I acquired the very first domain name ever registered on the Internet: It receives constant traffic and has been covered in major media like: CNN, NY Times, WSJ, Forbes, Venture Beat, Tech Crunch, Mashable, PC World, CNET and many more. It’s a pretty cool historical asset and I’m honored to own it.

Feel free to reach me on social media, below. I hope to meet a lot of you and help you along the way.